SEIU Health Care Deadline for Presidential Candidates

Statement of Anna Burger on August 1 Deadline forPresidential Candidates’ Health Care Plans

Washington, DC –– “Three months ago we called on every presidential candidate to do more than talk the talk when it comes to health care.

“We asked them to issue detailed plans specifying how many people they’d cover and how much it would cost.  And we gave a deadline of August 1, because if our members and voters think about health care everyday, we want the candidates to do the same.  

“Our members have taken note of the candidates who have responded to the challenge.  Senators Edwards, Obama, and Dodd, and Governor Richardson have all issued plans, and Representative Kucinich has legislation in Congress.  Senator Clinton has issued part of her plan, but we’re still waiting to find out how many people she would cover and how she would pay for it.  We’re also waiting for more details from Senators Biden and Gravel on their plans.

“While our members are disappointed in those candidates who have not released detailed plans, no one at this point is disqualified from receiving the support of our members in this election. It’s early, and time will tell which is the best candidate for working people.

“Mayor Giuliani is to date the only Republican candidate to issue a health care plan.  While his ideas are short on specifics – he doesn’t say how many people he would cover or how he would pay for it – at the very least he’s responding to the need voters have for a solution.  The silence on this issue from the rest of the Republican field has been deafening. 

“When working people in this country are one medical emergency away from bankruptcy, they don’t care about political parties.  It’s a disservice to them, and to all voters, that some candidates don’t believe solving the health care crisis is apriority.”