Manchester Republican Committee Chairman Calls for Brunelle’s Resignation from the NH House

Reporter, Scott Brooks, reported in the Union Leader today that Manchester State Representative, Michael Brunelle, was convicted last month of drunk driving.

While that alone is disturbing enough, Brooks also reported one other key fact. “ Pappas [Manchester Democratic Committee Chairman] said he expects Brunelle will return from Europe in December.” December!! How can he be representing his constituents on the west side of Manchester in the NH Legislature, if he’s in Europe until December?!

It is equally outrageous that “Buckley [NH Democratic State Committee Chairman] expressed confidence in Brunelle, saying he sees no reason the 23-year-old would be unable to continue serving out his term in the State House,” according to Brooks, while at the same time saying, “A DWI is a serious offense that Michael is currently and will continue to pay a price for. I am positive that Michael is very remorseful for his error in judgment and I trust that Michael has learned a valuable lesson.”

As a State Representative, Brunelle has a duty to uphold the law and represent his constituents in the NH State House. First, he shows no respect for the law he is sworn to uphold by driving drunk. Second , he disrespects police officers by refusing stop when trying to be pulled over. According to Brooks ’ article, “An officer on Bridge Street tried to pull him over but had to radio for help when Brunelle didn't stop, Officer Paul Rondeau said.”

Lastly, Brunelle goes gallivanting off to Europe for five months leaving the residents of Manchester ’s West Side with no representation in the NH Legislature. Shame on Brunelle for not immediately stepping down, and shame on the Democratic leadership for not demanding it! The residents of the West Side deserve better!