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Selling out New Hampshire's quality-of-life and reputation for a pittance;

Today's Boston Globe reports that Massachusetts? Governor Patrick will tomorrow announce his proposal to license three casinos through competitive bidding -- without guaranteeing locations for tracks or the proposed Mashpee Wampanoag tribal casino. Two financial questions should be of interest to New Hampshire legislators now considering the Millennium-Rockingham slots-at-the-tracks proposal

Isn't the $9.5 million total license fee income (if all 4 NH tracks install slots) simply giving away at least $100 hundred million in up-front revenue?  $50 million up-front license fee for a second-rate location in Pennsylvania. If three far larger and better located destination casinos in Massachusetts are projected to raise $400-$450 million annually for that state, how will one tacky, local-market convenience casino at Rockingham raise almost half that?  Millennium claims slots at Rockingham will take in $307 in daily gross profits per machine, far above most other states and far above the $231 average take at Delaware's racetrack casinos.

Unless stopped, casino locations in either state will launch a reckless race to the bottom, with casinos and slot machines eventually blanketing the region.  The social and economic costs of gambling addiction and crime would depress quality-of-life and create personal misery in almost every community.  New England's reputation as a clean, healthy place to visit and to live would be ruined.

"Are gambling supporters aware that Millennium is playing them for patsies" said Jim Rubens of the Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling. Millennium wants us to sell out New Hampshire's reputation and quality-of-life for a pittance 

For those with any doubt that Millennium plans to foist a tacky convenience casino on Salem, check out their Cannery Casino in Las Vegas.

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