Elizabeth Edwards Discusses Husbands Committment to NH & 4 State Pledge

(Manchester, NH) - Today, Elizabeth Edwards returned to New Hampshire where she discussed John Edwards' commitment to the state and his signing of the “Four State Pledge.”

"This election is about real change and choosing the candidate who is going to fight for that change," said Elizabeth. "New Hampshire needs to remain the first primary because here ideas count, not just money. Herevoters get to look the candidate in the eye and measure their policies, ideas, and integrity. That is why John signed this pledge. This tried-and-true nominating system is the only way for voters to judge the field based on the quality of the candidate, not the depth of their war chest.

"New Hampshire voters take their role in selecting a president very seriously and they deserve, and should demand, the same level of commitment from the candidates. If the candidates will not respect New Hampshire voters by signing this pledge, they should demand to know why."

Elizabeth discussedthe importance of New Hampshire while making stops in Exeter, Deerfield, Dover, and Portsmouth. She will continue her trip tomorrow, campaigning in Henniker and Jaffrey.

Elizabeth has traveled across the state extensively this week, including a wildly successful bus tour that concluded with a 1,000-person rally in Portsmouth and the unveiling of the campaign's Graniteroots for John Edwards program where she donated school supplies to the Beech Street School in Manchester and participated in a roundtable with teachers.