Hillary’s American Health Choices Plan will cover150,000 uninsured Granite Staters


Save Average Families $2,200 a Year

MANCHESTER, NH – Today, the NH for Hillary campaign released a report that documents how Hillary Clinton’s American Health Choices Plan would affect New Hampshire residents. <Click here for report>

“Families across New Hampshire – and the rest of the country –are suffering under the burdens of a health care system where they cannot afford insurance,” said Senator Clinton. “Even if they can afford it, insurance companies routinely withhold payment for necessary treatments and health care. My plan puts consumers in the driver’s seat.”

Under Senator Clinton’s plan, the 150,000 New Hampshire residents who have no health insurance—including 19,000 children—will finally receive quality, affordable healthcare. New Hampshire has seen a 51 percent increase in the number of uninsured since President Bush took office. [Census, 2007]. Senator Clinton’s plan will help reverse this trend by providing new refundable tax credits to help cover the cost of high-quality health coverage for all New Hampshire residents. Those credits will guarantee that securing quality health care never becomes a crushing burden for New Hampshire families, by guaranteeing that premiums never rise above a certain percentage of family income.

Jackie and Chuck Rossier of Merrimack have struggled with personal health issues for many years while battling insurance companies and hospitals over coverage and quality care. They have resorted to paying medical expenses with a credit card, exceeding $9,000 in 2005. They are supporting Hillary Clinton. “We strongly believe that she will be able to deliver affordable healthcare to everyone,” said Chuck.

All New Hampshire residents will benefit from lower costs and improved quality under Senator Clinton’s plan. Like families across the country, New Hampshire residents have been squeezed by skyrocketing health costs—family premiums are up 53 percent since 2000.[HHS, 2006]. According to a recent estimate by the Business Roundtable, AARP and SEIU, Senator Clinton’s plan to institute a paperless health information technology system could save $165 billion per year—or $2,200 for a typical family.

"Hillary has shown that healthcare is a very important issue to her, and her focus is genuine,” said Dr. Stuart Glassman of Bedford, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Community and Family Medicine at Dartmouth College Medical School. “I work with veterans and persons with disabilities, and she has a good understanding of the needs of people who are at a disadvantage."

Under this plan, all Americans can keep their current insurance, choose a new private plan or take part in a public plan like Medicare. Insurance will be portable and safe from discrimination on the basis of chronic or pre-existing conditions. For more information about Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan, please visit www.hillaryclinton.com/healthcare .