Iraq Exit Strategy Compare the Biden Plan with the Orion Plan

Commentary by Orion Karl Daley
Balanced Party Candidate for Election 2008
March 11th, 2007

The Joe Biden 'The Biden-Gelb Plan for Iraq', is similar, but is considered strategically limited compared to the Orion Plan on Iraq Exit strategy called 'Peace with Dignity

One day I heard Senator Joe Biden meantion his plan's for Iraq, (The Biden-Gelb Plan for Iraq ) which I am very impressed with. It is remarkably similar to the Peace with Dignity plan authored in 2004, and in my opinion is some what more sophisticated to what he calls his Partition plan for Iraq. Ive have outlined his which might not be totally accurate, and then mine for comparison below.

In both cases, our troops come home, but in Joe's Plan I feel has certain limitations.

In Joe's plan, although the land/resources are split into 3 separate areas for the Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites, that there is still a central government. Since there is already a central government, with 3 separate cultures that have animosity for each other, in essence this appears to intend to 'just work your differences out', or the political solution. As of currently in 2007, they are far from being able get along peacefully, but in Joe's plan like any other, intends that the US exits, and encourages the Iraq to do so. In any event there would be anarchy as there is now, which we have rightly washed our hands off with in giving them due warning. I consider that fair, but also question if a weak government that we basically put in place, regardless of the vote that had taken place there, can work things out as currently they have not. In other words, it appears that not every one voted for the government structure, or for leaders that they have in place; and it invites alliances from outside factions to help 'get what is mine' which could include 'yours too'. It also does not offer any strategic protection mechanism such as making use of the UN as it is not a unified government, and hardly gets them to the table to discuss economics with OPEC.

In Peace with Dignity plan, they are regarded as 3 separate nations that have representation in both the UN and in OPEC. The only one's that would not like this is the power structure which is in place there now, and their friends. The civil war there demonstrates this. issue. The other real challenge is in the equal division of the resources. This though can be worked out through the league of nations in the UN with out the US direct involvement. In other words, let the 3 separate cultures first vote their destiny, and have the differences worked out by the UN. This also ensures no outside involvement by surrounding countries, which also avoids inviting Al Qaeda by any one of them. The 3 separate nations can have the governments which they choose, and is up to them to make it work for them if they want to be part of the world.

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    I'm missing why the obvious has not been addressed - please explain why we have had limited vision in terms of Iraq -
    Example - To Fix Iraq

    1- Split the land for three separate nations

    2- Offer each a way to the UN - with Nonaggression rules

    3- Allow each to join OPEC - with nonaggression rules

    4- Provide Banking infrastructure in Saudi Arabia for the 3 nations

    5- Provide irrigation services to instill both agricultural and oil Economies

    6- Have the UN provide security against any one , or two nations against the other

    Orion Karl Daley