Clinton Campaign - Candidate With Best Universal Health Care Plan

Hillary’s American Health Choices Plan would provide quality, affordable health care for every American family

MANCHESTER, NHAcross the state today, health care professionals and supporters announced their New Year’s resolution to help elect Hillary Clinton president because she is the only candidate with the experience and plan to provide every American with health care. With just eight days left until the New Hampshire primary, participants emphasized the importance of picking a president who will not only fight for quality, affordable, universal coverage, but has the strength and experience to deliver it.

“Hillary is the only candidate that has the experience and the right plan to get the job done,” said Kelly Tausanovitch of Lyme. “She has chosen to stand up and present a plan that doesn’t leave any Americans behind. She has been down the road on health care before and knows how to navigate the issue now better than anyone else.”

Hillary has spent decades fighting to improve health care in this country. She championed the State Children’s Health Insurance program which provides health care to over six million children and she worked across party lines to secure medical benefits for our nation’s National Guard and Reserve members.

“Hillary has worked for full VA coverage which is very important to me,” said Chuck Rossier of Merrimack. “Without that coverage I would not have gotten the treatment I needed.”

In September, Hillary unveiled her American Health Choices plan which would provide quality, affordable health care for every American – including the 150,000 Granite Staters who are currently uninsured. Her plan would also give the 910,000 New Hampshire residents that are currently covered by an employer-sponsored or individual plan, flexibility and choice. It would allow them to keep the plan that they have, or choose from a menu of quality private plans just like those offered to Members of Congress, or opt for a public plan option similar to Medicare.

Hillary’s plan would also make health care affordable. Unlike the current health system where insurance premiums have made coverage unaffordable for many Americans, the plan provides tax credits for working families to help them cover their costs. The tax credits will ensure that working families never have to pay more than a limited percentage of their income for health care.

Over the past two weeks, Hillary has earned the endorsement of several key newspapers across the Granite State including 11 Salmon Press weekly papers, Foster’s Daily Democrat, the Laconia Citizen, the Milford Cabinet, the Keene Sentinel and the Concord Monitor. All agree that she is the right candidate to tackle our country’s toughest challenges from day one.

In their recent endorsement editorial, Keene Sentinel editors wrote, “She has the best health-insurance proposal of all the candidates, and there are several good proposals to choose from.”

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