Clinton Campaign - New Year, New Beginning

* In the Polls: Two new polls this morning show Hillary building momentum in IA: CNN shows her leading 33- 31-22 over Sen. Obama and Sen. Edwards, and Zogby has her up 30-26-25. The Des Moines Register poll that you might hear about relied on independents for 40 % of its sample even though only 19% of caucus-goers were independents in 2004 (and just 15 % in 2000). Using the 2004 turnout model, the Register poll would have Hillary leading 29-27, in line with what the other polls are showing. Read more here:

* Making News Today: Hillary continues the “Big Challenges, Real Solutions: Time To Pick A President” tour with events in Ames , Sioux City, Council Bluffs, and Iowa City, IA .

* Tremendous Support: The campaign announced last night that it raised over $100 million in 2007 to support Hillary’s candidacy. This number represents all new money, and does not include an additional $10 million transferred from her senate account.

* Obama Campaign’s “Mistaken Claims”: A story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal today chronicles “multiple mistakes and exaggerations about Nevada in a recent presentation [by the Obama campaign] to the national media.” Read it here:

* Recapping Yesterday: Hillary showed Iowans she is a cool and calm leader who is the best prepared to set up shop in the Oval Office. She talked about her long record of taking on special interests, and said that while her opponents talk about each other she will continue to talk about the people of Iowa and America who need a president who’ll stand up for them. The campaign also unveiled a video counting down to the new year and outlining Hillary’s priorities. For more please visit

Happy New Year from the Clinton Campaign!