Young Republicans Descend on Iowa

WASHINGTON, DC- The Young Republican National Federation(YRNF) is making its presence felt at the first 2008 Caucus taking place this week in Iowa. Just over 20 percent of eligible voters are ages 18-29, making approximately 460,000 Iowan voters a prime demographic for young Republican efforts.

The YRNF aims to elect and re-elect Republicans and engage more of America's youth to participate in the political process and become active in grassroots efforts of the Republican Party.

"It is our job in the YRNF to capture the attention of the younger voters and turn them into long-time Republican voters," said Jessica Colón, YRNF Chairman. "In 2004, the youthvote counted for 17 percent of the Iowa Caucus. Thanks goes to YRNF Secretary Monica Durrwachter and her team who were on the ground in Iowa delivering the Republican message."

"We aim to get other young people involved, get them to the polls on Election Day, get out those grassroots for their favorite candidates, "Durrwachter told FOX News' Weekend Live yesterday. "We brought a big crew from Missouri this weekend. Friday night we were making calls; we attended campaign rallies. We also even did some sign waving on some busy intersections in the state."

Next week, Colón, YRNF Field Director Rachel Hoff and Young Republicans from Massachusetts and New Jersey head to New Hampshire the weekend before the Granite State's first-in-the-nation primary.Since its creation, the YRNF has established itself as the premier Republican grassroots organization in the nation, providing essential grassroots support for Republican candidates and conservative issues on the local, state and national levels. The YRNF does not coordinate efforts or endorse candidates in Republican primary races.

The YRNF has a solid record of producing future Republican Party leaders - including Governors, Senators, Congressmen, nationally recognized campaign consultants, and community leaders.