Buckey says votes trump early predictions

Lebanon, NH - "Congratulations to Senator Hillary Clinton on her win,” Dr. Jay Buckey, candidate for US Senate said today. “She is an experienced and capable Senator and campaigner. We are fortunate to have so many good candidates in the Democratic field, and I look forward to supporting whoever gets the Democratic nomination.”

“The results again show how votes matter, not early predictions." Buckey added. “Nine months ago a prediction that this primary would have ended with a narrow, hotly contested victory by Senator Clinton over the then relatively unknown Senator Obama would have sounded far-fetched. But that’s where we are, and congratulations also to Senator Obama. The political landscape has been changing dramatically. Messages of change are resonating with democratic voters, and have become a major theme for all of our candidates.”

Buckey said that Senator Edwards, Governor Richardson, and Rep. Kucinich have all made the strong Democratic field even stronger.“Senator Edwards’ focus on our stressed middle class has highlighted this critical issue. Gov. Richardson’s strong executive experience and knowledge of energy issues has been very significant in this race. Rep. Kucinich’s honesty and forthrightness were valuable to the debates and the primary.”

Biographical Information

Jay Buckey, M.D. is a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from New Hampshire. He flew as a payload specialist astronaut on the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1998, and he also served in the U.S. Air Force Reserve for eight years. He is currently a professor of medicine at Dartmouth Medical School and an adjunct professor of engineering at the Thayer School. He and his family live in Hanover, NH.