NH Primary Results on CafePress.com

I’m writing because I thought you and your readers may be interested to know that a client of mine, CafePress.com has just launched the CafePress meter, a n easy-to-use tool , where you can track and compare the sales of presidential-candidate related products created by everyday folks. You can check it out at http://www.cafepress.com/cp/buy/elections08_meter

Millions of people are utilizing CafePress.com to set up shops and sell interesting, often funny, sometimes odd products they’ve created about the presidential contenders (see some relevant McCain and Hillary items below). Lots of people are buying those products, and the aggregate trends are fascinating. With the new CafePress Meter, anyone can see those trends, anytime - it's not scient i fic, but it is interesting . Here are some of data points right now which reflect developments that came out of Iowa, and are just now coming out of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Primary:

  • On the day of the NH primary, McCain and Hillary saw a comeback on CafePress as well. Tuesday, saw the most McCain-related products created since daily electoral tracking started in November, and the most Hillary-related products created since since 11/30.
  • And interestingly enough, yesterday (day after NH primary), sales of Hillary-related products almost doubled from the previous day, while sales of Obama-related products declined 28%.

Iowa Caucus:

  • Sales: Obama and Huckabee both saw a major increase in sales last week and we re the top sellers. Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul saw major decreases.
  • Number of Products Created : Huckabee saw the largest % increase of products created for the week (13.5%) for the republican candidates, and Obama saw the largest % increase for the Democrats (4. 2 %).
Please bookmark the CafePress Meter, and check back weekly to: http://www.cafepress.com/cp/buy/elections08_meter . If you have any questions let me know.