SEIU Nevada Ba-Rock-Stars Speak Up!

LAS VEGAS – SEIU Nevada members today kicked off their campaign for Senator Barack Obama. Events planned include phone banking by members in Reno, Elko and the Las Vegas valley, as well as canvassing, caucus training, and member outreach.

On Tuesday night, the 17,500-represented-worker union’s Executive Board overwhelmingly voted to support the Senator in his bid for president following a year of member-driven assessment of the candidates and campaigns.

Here’s what SEIU Nevada ‘Ba-Rock-Star’ members are saying about their candidate:

“Obama is a deeply good man who will fight his heart out for improving the quality of life for everyday people. In Barack Obama we have a leader to inspire our country towards greatness for everyone, not just a few.” Rhonda Jackson-Pullens, Hearing Officer, City of Las Vegas Housing Authority, Executive Board Member

“Senator Barack Obama is different than other candidates. He’s bringing together Republicans, Democrats, Independents. He’s getting people involved who had stopped believing in the democratic process. Barack Obama is bringing us together as Americans to restore this country and reach our true collective potential.”

Courtney Errington, Property Manager, Clark County Housing Authority, Executive Board Member

“Senator Barack Obama is a person who listens and has real solutions to the challenges this country faces. With his leadership, we can transform this country and make being an American something we can be proud of again.” Rau Abdullah, RN, UHS Valley Hospital, Executive Board Member

“Supporting Barack Obama is supporting change we can believe in. As a union member, I know the power of people come together for a common purpose. Nothing can stand in our way. That’s why we’re joining Barack Obama for a movement of change in America.” Sherry Boluna, RN, Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital in Elko

“I’m thrilled that SEIU Nevada has endorsed Senator Barack Obama. I’ve followed Obama since he was elected Senator and feel he has solid experience for the job. I’m most excited about his vision for a health care plan for this country because every man, woman and child deserves health care.” SandyPayne, RN, Renown Regional Medical Center, Reno