Clinton Campaign - Closing Argument

* If You Watch One Thing Today: Hillary presents her closing argument to Iowans, culminating in a two-minute taped appearance that will air tonight on every 6PM newscast throughout the state. Watch it:

* Also Making News Today: Hillary continues the “Big Challenges, Real Solutions: Time To Pick A President” tour with events in Indianola, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Ottumwa, and Des Moines .

* Momentum in IA: In a sign of growing enthusiasm for Hillary, one of our Iowa field staffers came across a sign with this message when they went knocking on doors: “WE WILL SUPPORT HILLARY. OUR DECISION IS NOT OPEN FOR JUSTIFICATION OR REVIEW. SEE YOU AT CAUCUS.”

* Recapping Yesterday: Hillary rallied crowds of Iowans and won over previously undecided caucus-goers, with a press report calling it “one of her best performances in weeks”… President Clinton told Iowans how Hillary has been changing people’s lives for years… And door knockers will hit the house of every Iowan who has declared strong support for Hillary …Visit for more.

* Strength in NH: A new poll by 7NEWS/Suffolk University shows Hillary leading the Democratic field by 14 pts in the NH primary. The same poll had her up 7 just three weeks ago…. A separate poll sponsored by UNH has Hillary gaining strength, increasing her support by 6 points since their last poll two weeks ago… Gen. Wes Clark and his wife stumped for Hilary in downtown Laconia, praising Hillary’s readiness to lead, knowledge, and warmth….And Hillary encouraged ABC and WMUR-TV to allow her fellow candidates who have participated in previous debates to participate in this weekend's.

* Endorsement Watch: US Rep. Donald Payne (D-NJ) -- the first African-American to represent New Jersey in the House of Representatives and a past Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus – becomes the 77th member of Congress to endorse Hillary.