Romney for President launched its newest web ad, "Full-Spectrum Conservative."


The ad highlights Governor Romney's conservative platform to build a stronger America.

Unlike Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Governor Romney supports the President's tax cuts, opposes the McCain-Feingold bill that limited free speech and opposes any amnesty immigration plans. As the National Review wrote, Governor Romney is "a full-spectrum conservative."

Script For "Full-Spectrum Conservative" (WEB:30):

ANNOUNCER 1: "The National Review had it right."

ANNOUNCER 2: "Senator McCain is 'a hero' and a strong supporter of the war in Iraq."

ANNOUNCER 1: "But McCain 'is not as conservative as Romney.'"

ANNOUNCER2: "He opposed the Bush tax cuts –twice."

ANNOUNCER1: "His campaign finance law limits free speech."

ANNOUNCER2: "He pushed a plan to keep illegal immigrants here permanently.

ANNOUNCER 1: "Mitt Romney, 'a full-spectrum conservative.'"

ANNOUNCER2: "A supporter of 'limited government.'"

ANNOUNCER1: "'The preservation of marriage.'"

ANNOUNCER2: "And a 'foreign policy based on the national interest.'"

GOVERNOR MITTROMNEY: "I’m Mitt Romney and I approved this message."