AUFC - Thousands of NH Families Brace for an Economic Recession

From Tax Cuts for theRich to Opposing Boosts to Minimum Wage and Heating Assistance to Cutting Blank Checks for Endless War in Iraq – Sen. John Sununu Put Loyalty to Bush Ahead of Struggling NH Families Every Step of the Way

Manchester NH In the face of grim forecasts from several leading economists includingformer FederalReserve chairman Alan Greenspan of a full blown U.S. economic recession in2008, New Hampshire State Representatives and struggling Manchester residents will give credit where credit is due by highlighting U.S. Senator John Sununu’s record of enabling the President’s disastrous economic policies –polices that led the country down a path of rising unemployment, a mortgage crisis, record high heating oil prices, the largest increase in inflation in 17 years, gas prices hovering around $3 a gallon, a weak dollar, the $167 billion budget deficit, and a $9.2 trillion national debt. On Tuesday, January 22nd at 3:00 pm, Manchester Reps. Mike Brunelle, Mike Reuschel and Pat Long will be joined by Glinda Allen of the Minority Health Coalition, as well as Pauline Hawoth (part-time employee of the Manchester School district; lunch services) and Mark Choate, an unemployed engineer who was laid off in June 2007 and lost his home in September – putting a face on the ordinary New Hampshire folks hit hardest by the upside-down Bush-Sununu economic policies.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans disapprove of the President’s handling of the economy, according to a new WashingtonPost-ABC News poll; yet since he was elected to the Senate in 2002, John Sununu served as a rubberstamp for these failed Bush economic policies every step of the way. Sununu repeatedly rubberstamped Bush’s tax cuts for the rich. Sununu has voted repeatedly to Bush a blank check to police an endless civil war in Iraq. While the Senator has continued to support increasing our national debt, he has looked the other way of the struggles of New Hampshire’s working families. Not only has he adamantly opposed increasing the minimum wage, but he has also voted against funding for low-income home heating assistance. With unemployment above the national average in both the New Hampshire’s North Country and Southern  Tier (with one of the last paper mills in NH closing in Berlin just recently), and with many national economists forecasting that there is another recession on the horizon, Senator Sununu must be held to account for putting loyalty to this President ahead of the best interests of working middle class NewHampshire families.

WHO: Americans United for Change

Rep. Mike Brunelle

Rep. Mike Reuschel

Rep. Pat Long - President of the Iron Workers, former Alderman, State Rep. from Manchester Ward (3)

WHAT: With Economic Recession on the Horizon, NH State Reps, Struggling Manchester Workers Hold Press Conference to Spotlight Sen. John Sununu’s Rubberstamp Record of President Bush’s Disastrous Economic Policies

WHEN: Tuesday, January22nd at 3:00 pm

WHERE: Outside UNH Manchester (located on 400 Commercial Street)