N.H. Department of Corrections Opens Next Corrections Academy

(Concord, NH) New Hampshire Department of Corrections Commissioner William L. Wrenn announced that New Hampshire Corrections Academy #87 began January 22, 2008. The pre-service training program will occur at the Arthur D. Kehas Law Enforcement Training Center and Campus in Concord and will be attended by thirty-three NH-DOC staff.

Upon completion they will be assigned to different prison or office facilities within the Department. The graduation ceremony will occur on March 14, 2008. The class is made up of sixteen Corrections Officers and seventeen non-uniformed employees. Of the seventeen, eight will attend the first week orientation portion of the Academy. These eight employees will not interact daily with inmates in their office assignments.

The remaining participants will receive training in offender management, inter-personal communication, defensive tactics, and health and fitness issues, as well as a wide variety of other skills. The new employees will resolve a series of scenarios to simulate the many unpredictable challenges that they face on a daily basis behind prison walls. The pre-service Academy also provides new employees important information about the law and Corrections.

Commissioner Wrenn said, “The Corrections Academy provides new employees will the basic skills needed to work in a prison environment. I am pleased to welcome the new staff to the Department.”