Romney Campaign - Toobin Video: McCain Lying About Romney's Position

CNN's legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin minces no words andsays that McCain is outright lying about Gov. Romney's position on Iraq:

Toobin: McCain Lying About Romney's Position

JEFFREY TOOBIN: "Speaking of straight talk, no American politician has gotten more adoring press coverage than John McCain. But let's be clear about what John McCain is doing about Mitt Romney. He's lying. He's lying about Mitt Romney's position, no question about it. And you know I think that -- this idea that Mitt Romney supports timetables, now, in fact most Americans support timetables to get out of Iraq, Mitt Romney doesn't happen to be one of them. That's really outrageous what McCain is doing bringing up this ancient interview and distorting it at the last minute so he doesn't have to talk about the economy."