NH GOP Praises President Bush's Executive Order On Earmark Reform

CONCORD New Hampshire GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen issued the following statement today about President Bush’s decision to issue an Executive Order directing federal agencies to ignore certain earmarks approved by Congress:

NH GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen said, “Congressmen Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes said they were going to Washington to end earmarks and instead theyhave sought them. The Democrats promised change but instead we got more of the same. I call on Representatives Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes to join with the President to block ‘bridges to nowhere’ and ‘monuments to me.’”

Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes have terrible records when it comes to Earmark Reform

Shea-Porter’s Office Claims That There Is A Difference Between “Good” And “Bad” Earmarks. “Earlier in the week, Shea-Porter's press secretary Clark Pettig addressed the issue. ‘People sometimes confuse “good” earmarks with “bad” earmarks,’ he said.” (Adam D. Krauss,“Shea-Porter Won’t Disclose Earmarks,” Foster’s Daily Democrat , June 25,2007)

Meanwhile, Shea-Porter Has Refused To Disclose Her Earmark Requests. “Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter says she won't disclose her ‘earmark’ spending requests until they're acted upon.” (EtienneVallée, “Carol Shea-Porter Wants To Make A Difference,” Carroll County Independent ,March 15, 2007)

Shea-Porter Calls Her Requests “Perfectly Legitimate, Good Things To Do.” “Falling in line with the vast majority of her colleagues, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter says she won't disclose her ‘earmark’ spending requests until they're acted upon. . . . Though she wouldn't disclose the number or sum of her requests, Shea-Porter did say she submitted a request on behalf of Rochester's Avis Goodwin Community Health Center. ‘These are perfectly legitimate, good things to do,’ she said.” (Adam D. Krauss, “Shea-Porter Won’t Disclose Earmarks,” Foster’sDaily Democrat , June 25, 2007)

USA Today Has Named Hodes As One Of The House’s Worst Special-Interest Earmark Spenders. (MattKelley, “'Earmark' Analysis Shows Money Follows Power,” USAToday, December 11, 2007)

The New Hampshire Union-Leader Described Hodes And Shea-Porter As “The Pork Twins.” (Editorial, “The pork twins: Hodes,Shea-Porter love earmarks,” The Union-Leader , August 22, 2007)

Barney Keller

Press Secretary

NH Republican State Committee