Clinton Campaign - 367 milkshakes

Caucus Day is Here!

* If You Read One Thing Today: The Des Moines Register captures Hillary’s final events on the stump in Iowa, highlighting “her positive message that she's experienced and a change-maker.” Read it here:

* Get Out the Caucus: It all comes out to turnout today. And to that end, the campaign’s GOTC operation will include 5000 volunteer drivers, 600 snow shovels, and 3 day care centers in Des Moines. In addition, 367 milkshakes have been consumed by campaign staffers at the Drake Diner – so far.

* Recapping Yesterday: Hillary was “animated and energetic” and had large crowds cheering her on the final night of campaigning in Iowa… She took to the airwaves to make her closing argument to Iowans in a 2-minute presentation during the 6pm news, saying she has the strength and experience to lead the change we need….And was joined on the stump by her daughter, mother, and actors Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen, with President Clinton campaigning as well … Visit for more.

* Late Night: Hillary was a hit last night, making a surprise appearance on David Letterman’s return to nighttime TV. Watch it here:

* Strength in NH: General Wes Clark continues to stump for Hillary in NH where he told voters she has the experience working for change and the knowledge of foreign policy that makes her ready to be president on day one.

And the campaign launched a new TV ad in the state, featuring newspaper endorsements from across NH. Watch the 30-second spot entitled, “Best Choice, here:

* In the News: For the second time in recent days, Sen. Obama has an ad whose truthfulness was questioned by independent news organizations. This time the Des Moines Register notes that his campaign is circulating a flyer claiming he is the only candidate who leads in SC and NH, when in fact Hillary leads these states in many polls… Former Missouri Gov. Warren Hearnes and his wife, former state Rep. Betty Hearnes, endorsed Hillary, giving her an edge in rural sections of the state. More at

* Today’s Schedule: Hillary has a caucus night celebration in Des Moi nes beginning at approximately 8:30 central time .