NH’s Top Radio Stations Along with Nation’s Hottest Radio Show Hosts to Air Presidential Candidates’ Interviews from Manchester

WGIR-AM, WKBK-AM, WNTK-FM are Lead Co-Sponsors of the New Hampshire Primary Radio Row

MANCHESTER New Hampshire’s top radio stations along with the nation’s hottest syndicated radio show hosts will descend upon Manchester to air interviews of Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, political pundits and celebrities during the New Hampshire primary from Jan. 6 through 9, from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. to be held at the Radisson Hotel Center of New Hampshire, in Manchester. The New Hampshire Primary Radio Row is co-sponsored by WGIR-AM, WKBK-AM and WNTK-FM and is presented by TALKERS Magazine and its sister firm The Talk Radio News Service.

“We are excited to bring an A-list of prominent local and national radio show hosts who represent our nation’s true pulse and political spectrum from left to right,” said Michael Harrison, publisher and editor of TALKERS Magazine. “This is a great opportunity for Democratic and Republican presidential candidates to reach out to voters.”

In addition to WGIR-AM, WKBK-AM, WNTK-FM, WGAM-AM  and WSMN-AM of Nashua broadcasting from the event are a list of hosts as Arnie Arnesen and WZMY-TV; Marc Bernier, syndicated from Daytona, Fla. and WNDB-AM; Neal Boortz, syndicated from Atlanta, Ga. and WSB-AM; Steve Bowers, from Jackson, Miss. and Memphis, Tenn. and WNWS-FM; Howard Carr, syndicated from Boston, Mass. and WRKO-AM; Davey D, Hip Hop Radio, from Los Angeles, Calif.; Jerry Doyle, syndicated talk of Talk Radio Network; Jon Elliott, syndicated and Air America Radio; Barry Farber and WNTK-FM; Todd Feinberg, syndicated from Boston, Mass. and WRKO-AM; Tom Finneran, syndicated from Boston, Mass. and WRKO-FM; La Toya Foster, from Washington, DC and WJLA-TV; Helen Glover, from RI and WHJJA-AM; Thom Hartmann, syndicated from New York City and WWRL-FM/Air America Radio.

Also transmitting from the event are: Laura Ingraham, syndicated talk of Talk Radio Network; Mark Johnson, regionally syndicated from White River Junction, NH and Vt. and WDEV-AM; Rachel Maddow, syndicated from New York City and WWRL-FM and Air America Radio; Carole Marks and WABC-FM/“A Touch of Grey;” Tom Maroney of Bloomberg Radio Network; Scott Miller, Albany, NY and WROW-AM; OneNewsNow; Ken Pittman, from RI and Boston, Mass and WBSM-AM; Ellen Ratner and The Talk Radio News Service; Jack Rice, syndicated from Minneapolis, Minn. and WCCO-AM; Ed Schultz, syndicated from Fargo, ND and Moorehead, Minn. and  Jones Radio Network; Emerson College’s WERS-FM; and University of New Mexico’s KUNM-FM.

Appearing virtually from New Hampshire’s Radio Row will be Warren Ballantine, syndicated and Radio One; Joe Madison, syndicated and Radio One; Howard Monroe, syndicated from West Virginia Radio Network and WVLY-AM; Rev. Al Sharpton syndicated and WOL-FM/Radio One; and Doug Stephan and Radio America. 

Daily videos of radio show hosts’ interviews will be uploaded promptly on www.YouTube.com, www.PoliticsTV.com, and www.Podjockey.com and participating radio stations’ websites.

In 2004 more than 20 hosts aired live interviews with every campaign’s candidates and their surrogates during the three-day event. Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Howard Dean referred to his experience on the Sean Hannity show as one of the most valuable of his campaign.

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