I've Switched To McCain


Please join my candidate, Rudy Giuliani (as he is expected to do sometime today), in throwing your wholehearted support behind Senator John McCain.

Please do as I just did, and make the biggest contribution you can afford to the McCain campaign. John McCain will spend your contribution well, having just taken Florida despite being outspent 10 to 1 by Governor Romney.

Even if you prefer a Democrat as president, give to McCain because he will elevate debate and hasten the day when Washington gets to work on America's toughest challenges.

If you are conservative, give to McCain to rescue conservatism from irrelevancy.

I differ with Senator McCain on some of his positions ? immigration foremost. But I am backing John McCain because he is brave enough to tell us what he believes. He is a leader, not because he tells us what we expect to hear, but because he shows us where we need to go.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are attacking John McCain for his daring leadership on global warming. John McCain listened to New Hampshire Republicans in 2000 and sees America's future in clean energy technology, not in abject dependency on fossil fuel imports from nations that hate us. Enriching Prince Bandar is not conservative.

Washington insiders bristle at John McCain because he fights against pork. Conservatives ought to be applauding McCain for leading this charge because pork is taxpayer money wasted on immunizing incumbents from election challenges.

John McCain is taking hits for voting against the Bush tax cuts. A true fiscal conservative would heed Mel Thomson?s watchwords: "Low taxes are the result of low spending." John McCain was brave enough to campaign in Florida in favor of restricting the Medicare prescription drug benefit to lower income seniors. A true conservative, like John McCain, would cut spending and would not fund tax cuts by running America deep into debt with the Chinese, trashing the dollar, and stealing our savings.

Protect the American dollar. Give some to John McCain, right now.

Jim Rubens