Gov. Lynch and Executive Council Approve Grants To Help More Students Graduate from High School

CONCORD - Gov. John Lynch and the Executive Council today approved new grants to help more of New Hampshire’s young people graduate from high school. The grants are part of Gov. Lynch’s comprehensive effort to increase New Hampshire’s graduation rate.

“Students who graduate from high school have more opportunities for better jobs and better lives than students who drop out of school. That is why we are working hard to make it possible for more of our young people to graduate,” Gov. Lynch said.

Last year, Gov. Lynch signed a law increasing the state’s compulsory attendance age from 16 to 18, and increased funding for alternative learning programs.

“We have made a commitment to our children here in New Hampshire that we will not give up on them and we will not let them give up on themselves,” Gov. Lynch said. “These funds are just a small piece of our efforts to ensure more of our kids receive a high school diploma and the opportunity for a better life.”

The Governor and Council today approved contracts with New Hampshire Jobs for America’s Graduates program at Winnacunnet High School and the Strafford Learning Center totaling over $300,000. The Strafford Learning Center will direct the funds to Dover, Somersworth, Farmington and 10 other communities in Strafford County.

The funds will be used for alternative education programs for those students who do not do well in a traditional classroom. The money will be used to expand adult education, technology-based learning, internships, work-based learning opportunities and other programs designed to help at-risk students.

The $300,000 approved by the Governor and Council today is part of $2.1 million in grants being sent to local school districts across the state in an effort to support and expand alternative education opportunities for students who do not do their best learning in the traditional classroom.