Buckey on Iowa: Voters want new leadership

Lebanon, NH - "The Iowa caucus results show that voters want new leaders and are rejecting the politics of the past,” Jay Buckey, candidate for US Senate said today.

“The record-breaking turnout, especially among young and first-time voters, indicates that a new generation of Americans is getting involved, and they want a positive approach to change,” said Buckey.

Campaign Manager Karen Liot Hill added to Dr. Buckey’s comments: “Inspiration motivated independents, which challenges the conventional wisdom about electability. Jay leads with a vision, and that’s what we need to beat John Sununu.”

Buckey also reacted to the news that two candidates have withdrawn from the race.

"I hope that Joe Biden's sober and informed approach to Iraq and foreign policy will continue to inform our national dialogue. Chris Dodd's relentless defense of our constitution and civil liberties deserves our profound thanks," said Buckey.

"I'll miss seeing them both in New Hampshire. But I know they will be continuing their work in the Senate on our behalf. With New Hampshire’s support I hope to join them there in 2009,” Buckey added. “I'm committed to making us energy independent, curbing the influence of special interests, and keeping us competitive in the global economy."

Biographical Information

Jay Buckey, M.D. is a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from New Hampshire. He flew as a payload specialist astronaut on the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1998, and he also served in the U.S. Air Force Reserve for eight years. He is currently a professor of medicine at Dartmouth Medical School and an adjunct professor of engineering at the Thayer School. He and his family live in Hanover, NH.