Elizabeth Kucinich to Appear in Candidate Spouses Forum

MANCHESTER, NH – Elizabeth Kucinich, wife of presidential candidate Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), will participate in a forum for the spouses of the presidential candidates on Saturday. The event will take place in the Palace Theater in Manchester from 2:00 to 4:30 pm. Most, if not all, of the candidates' spouses are expected to attend.

Since her husband announced his bid for the White House, Elizabeth has played a central role in his campaign. With her extensive background in international development and conflict resolution, Mrs. Kucinich lends her expertise to the campaign and is articulate in her promotion of Rep. Kucinich's policy initiatives and visions for world peace.

"I'm honored to be in a position to help the people of this great nation come to an understanding of their power, of the power of true democracy should they choose to exercise it," said Mrs. Kucinich. "I have been on the campaign trail solidly for over five months and I'm looking forward to reaching out to the people of New Hampshire at the Forum on Saturday. It is so important that voters know the full extent of their choices in this election and are encouraged to vote for their own interests by asking what is in it for them.

"Dennis is the only candidate who stands for an immediate end to the war in Iraq, for implementing a single payer not-for-profit universal healthcare system, and a full employment economy through a massive public works program which will facilitate a transition to green energy, providing families across America with good paying jobs and lower utility bills, whilst saving the global climate."

Elizabeth Kucinich has dedicated her life to serving people in the international community. She worked with Mother Teresa's charity in India and lived in the bush in Tanzania for16 months working in education, HIV/AIDS prevention, appropriate water technology and a micro bio gas energy project.   Mrs. Kucinich's extensive academic background includes a BA in religious studies and theology and MA in international conflict analysis.

The Kucinich campaign has accelerated its efforts in New Hampshire this week with increased media coverage and hundreds of canvassers in the field. On a national level, the campaign is gaining momentum as Kucinich is declared the winner of a host of polls including those put out by ABC, MSNBC, and C-SPAN, in addition to a straw-poll of Virginia Democrats. For details and statistics, visit