Free State Project - Early Activity of Liberty Forum a Success

Nashua, NH - January 3, 2008 - Free State Project members enjoyed their first day visiting New Hampshire for the 2008 Liberty Forum. Members from as far away as Hawaii braved the cold and got involved. The opening day activities included trips to a firing range and the state capitol and hearing from local authors.

Dozens of members visited Manchester Firing Line to practice target shooting and use weapons which are illegal in their various home states. Everyone was given an overview of gun and range safety and of the various types of firearms. Newcomers received basic safety training from local NRA-certified instructors. As the morning continued, experienced FSP members helped the less skilled shooters.

After lunch a large group of about 40 visited the State House to watch the Legislature in session. They met several state reps and watched committee hearings on banning light bulbs, costing an adequate education, regulating clotheslines, and reducing the tolls in Merrimack, then they took a tour of the capitol.

Reps. Jason Bedrick and Dan Itse explained the legislative process and related past successes and outlined various political games that get played in Concord. They also discussed an upcoming bill for a state guard and how it related to homeland security and the National Guard.

In the evening, at the Crowne Plaza, Sakal/CAI hosted a reception for locals and the visiting FSP members to hear from some of the authors present at the Forum. Among them were Brian Wright, James Maynard, and Gardner Goldsmith.

The evening was capped by a humorous and informative re-enactment of the debate to adopt the Constitution put on by some current state representatives playing various figures from the time, including George Washington. The re-enactment covered many issues of the debate such as sound money, ceding power, managing an alliance of states, having a standing army and preserving states' interests through the Senate.

After the official events broke, most attendees gathered around TVs watching the results of the Iowa Caucus or listened to interviews conducted by Free Talk Live.

The Liberty Forum runs through Sunday the 6th at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua. Full info at