SEIU: Thousands of Health Care Voters Turn Out to Make Health Care Top Priority Caucus Night

Iowa’s Largest Issue-Based Caucus Campaign Passes Hundreds of Health Care for All Resolutions Across State-

Iowa’s 32,000 health care voters turned out in nearly every precinct in the state tonight to ensure friends and neighbors caucused for candidates who will make health care a top priority and passed hundreds of health care for all resolutions.


“Health care voters in Iowa were the first to prove tonight what the polls have been saying all along this election—Americans want to fix our health care crisis,” said SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger. “But tonight is just the beginning. Health care voters in all of the early states will head to the polls in the coming weeks to make health care their top priority and bring us closer to electing a President who will guarantee access to health care for every man, woman, and child.”


Health care voters in Iowa launched their largest campaign ever this election, engaging caucus goers on America’s health care crisis and asking all of the candidates their plans to make health care for all a reality. In the final weeks before the caucuses, health care voters held caucus trainings in four cities, released a comparison of all the candidates’ health care plans, and launched mobile billboards urging Iowans to make health care their top priority.


Americans for Health Care, a project of SEIU, has been working since 2003 to identify and mobilize “Health Care Voters” who agree to make health care their number one issue when voting for candidates. Health care voters in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada will continue to visit campaign events and mobilize other health care voters in the lead up to their primaries and caucuses. Visit to learn more.