New radio ad draws Granite State voters' attention to nuclear power

Ad encourages voters toask candidates whether they support more reactors at Seabrook Station andwhether they want to store more nuclear waste there

NEW HAMPSHIRE —Friendsof the Earth Action will begin airing a new radio ad in New Hampshire tomorrow that encourages voters to ask candidates where they stand on nuclear power in advance of the state’s Tuesday presidential primary.

“Nuclear power is dangerous and expensive. Privatemarkets won’t support it, which is why the industry is trying to gettaxpayers to foot the bill,” said Friends of the Earth Action President Brent Blackwelder. “Voters need to be informed about this. If the industry gets the money it’s asking for, new reactors could be constructed at Seabrook and elsewhere in New Hampshire. The next president can play an important role in stopping these new plants.”

The ad, titled “Ask,” notes that President Bush recently signed a congressional omnibus spending bill that includes $20 billion in loan guarantees for the construction of new nuclear plants. This money could jumpstart a new era of nuclear plant construction across the U.S.—including new reactors in New Hampshire—and stick taxpayerswith the bill.

Friends of the Earth Action’s aim is to raise the profile of this issue prior to Tuesday’s vote.

Radio ad audio can be found at


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