Obama Campaign to Air Two New TV Ads

Two new ads highlight Obama’s willingness to challenge conventional thinking, ability to unify country

MANCHESTER ,NH—Senator Barack Obama’s campaign announced today that it will begin airing two new television ads in New Hampshire. A thirty-second spot, entitled “Independence,” highlights Obama’s New Hampshire newspapers endorsements, which praise his independent thinking and ability to unify the country. Obama was endorsed by the Boston Globe, the Nashua Telegraph, the Portsmouth Herald, Valley News, and Littleton Courier.

You can view “Independence” HERE.

The campaign will also air another thirty-second ad, entitled “Would,” which discusses Obama’s track record of fighting for meaningful change, even when it isn’t easy.

You can view “Would” HERE.

SCRIPT – “Independence”

Barack Obama: We are one nation, we are one people, and our time for change has come.

Announcer: Barack Obama. Endorsed by NewHampshire’s most respected papers. Endorsed because he’s our “best chance to break partisan gridlock.”

Endorsed because of his “common sense solutions”

Endorsed for his“honesty”… “independence” and ability to “reset the country’s reputation in the world”

Only Obama can “unify the country”.

I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.

SCRIPT –“Would”

Five years ago, he said what the others would not, opposing the rash and reckless war in Iraq; warning that it would not make us safer.

In Washington, he did what the others could not, taking dead aim at the power of lobbyists; passing the farthest-reaching ethics reforms in a generation.

And as President, he'll do what the others cannot, unite a divided nation, repair our standing in the world and bring change we can believe in.