Friends of the Earth Action Challenges Obama, Clinton on Seabrook Station

Praises Edwards for his opposition to new nukes

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Friends of the Earth Action President Brent Blackwelder challenged Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton today on the issue of nuclear power, calling on them to rule out new reactors at Seabrook Station or anywhere else in the Granite State.

"Seabrook Station was the last reactor constructed in the U.S., more than two decades ago, but now the nuclear industry wants a resurgence," Blackwelder said. "John Edwards opposes new nuclear power plants, but for the first time in recent memory, two leading Democratic candidates -- Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton -- want to keep nuclear power on the table.  That has implications for New Hampshire.  Friends of the Earth Action challenges Clinton and Obama to rule out new reactors and new waste at Seabrook or anywhere else by pledging to use the office of the presidency to oppose any expansion of nuclear power."

Friends of the Earth Action believes nuclear power is no solution to global warming because it is more expensive and takes longer to deploy than alternatives like wind power and energy efficiency.  There is also no good storage plan for nuclear waste.  Moreover, nuclear plants are vulnerable to accidental disasters as well as intentional sabotage.

Friends of the Earth Action has endorsed John Edwards for president because he is the only leading candidate to oppose new nuclear power, he was the first leading candidate to put forward a strong plan to fight global warming, and he has pledged to fight entrenched corporate interests, which would make it easer to protect the environment.


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