The Reviews Are In: Hillary 'Very Strong Performance,' 'Tour De Force,' 'Very Effective'

Boston Globe's James Pindell – 'Hillary Clinton tonight had a very strong performance.' "I need to say this. We enter these two debates, very important debates here at WMUR with two candidates up against the ropes. Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton. One candidate, Mitt Romney did not get off the ropes. Hillary Clinton tonight had a very strong performance, and I think she did." [WMUR, 1/5/08]

Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza – Hillary showed 'she was willing to fight for it' and that could 'resound with New Hampshire voters.'
"Clinton seemed to show tonight that she was willing to fight for it and that could potentially resound with New Hampshire voters who, unlike their compatriots in Iowa, tend to like a bit of combativeness in their politicians." [Washington Post’s The Fix, 1/5/08]

NBC News' Chuck Todd – Hillary made 'a very effective hit on Obama and Edwards.'
"Clinton just made a very effective hit on Obama and Edwards because she was able to do as a counterpunch rather than as a direct hit. She got it out there to New Hampshire indies that Obama's chief state supporter is a state lobbyist. And she was able to hit Edwards for not passing anything in the Senate. BTW, not sure why the moderator just inserted himself on this, but... Clinton is getting a much-needed opportunity to make her change argument." [MSNBC First Read, 1/5/08]

ABC News' Rick Klein — Hillary's gave 'a tour de force of an answer' on Pakistan. "Pakistan… Hillary Clinton is the first to connect it to her campaign message: 'We have to be very conscious of all the consequences.' She finds five consequences… A tour de force of an answer. Experience begets change. That's the campaign message." [ABC News, Political Radar,

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder – 'Very Sophisticated.'  " a very sophisticated answer about the interrelationship between insecure weapons and India's fears."
[Atlantic, Marc Ambinder, 1/5/08]

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos – Obama looked 'a little peevish, a little small.' 'Not a good moment for Barack Obama there. I thought he looked a little peevish, a little small.' [ABC News, 1/5/08]

The Hill's Sam Youngman – Hillary 'showed a fire Thursday night that was new to her debate performances.' [The Hill,