Clinton Campaign - New Reports: Obama Campaign May Be Violating NH Law

Clinton Camp to hold conference this evening   at 7:00PM

Sen. Barack Obama is closing his New Hampshire campaign with a robocall that accuses Hillary Clinton of "last minute smears” and appears to violate NH law.  The Clinton campaign is holding a conference call this evening to discuss the legal issues associated with the Obama campaign’s activity.

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There are two significant legal questions associated with the Obama campaign's robocall.  

1. The Obama campaign delivered this robocall to people on the do-not-call list. It is illegal under NH state law to send prerecorded political messages to those on the do-not-call list.  In 2006, the GOP made these kinds of calls against Rep. Paul Hodes. In response the New Hampshire Democratic Party said that it would be "prepared and ready to pursue any legal course of action necessary to protect the people of New Hampshire from illegal activities."

2. The call does not identify its sponsor -- the Obama campaign -- for 38 seconds. State law requires the sponsor to be named within 30 seconds. The robocall implies that it is sponsored by Planned Parenthood Northern New England. [RSA 664:14 <> ]

Call Transcript:  "Hi this is Wendy Frosh, chair of the board of Planned Parenthood in Northern New England. As people have begun to rally around Barack Obama’s call for change, the (inaudible) attacks have begun. He was a (inaudible) activist in reproductive rights for more than 20 years, I know the facts. Barack has a 100% pro-choice record and has always been a champion for women’s rights. Hillary Clinton’s last minute smears won’t protect the right to choose. But as president, Barack Obama will. Please join me in supporting Barack Obama this Tuesday. Thank you. Paid for by Obama for America."