Cosmo - updated schedules for Monday

Debunking The McCain-Obama Independent Voter Myth

A popular theory that has developed over the past couple of days is that independent voters in New Hampshire are deciding between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Last night, UNH's polling-guru Andrew Smith debunked that theory.

Group of Citizens Concerned with GLBT Issues Endorse Obama

A group of New Hampshire citizens, concered with GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) issues have endorsed Barack Obama. An excerpt of the letter is below, only with a list of the people who signed the letter.

Obama's Two Day Schedule

Here is an updated schedule for Barack Obama

Mitt's Final Two Days

Here is an updated schedule for Mitt Romney.

Richardson's Updated Schedule

Here is an updated schedule for Bill Richardson.

Obama At Pinkerton Academy

This afternoon in Derry, New Hampshire Senator Barack Obama told voters "in two days time, New Hampshire it is your turn to stand-up and create a different kind of politics."

Edwards Unveils "Underdog" Ad

From The Edwards Campaign:

Tomorrow, one day before voters go to the polls, the John Edwards for President campaign will begin airing a new 60-second television spot in the Granite State. In "Underdog," Senator John Edwards says he will never give up on the fight to save the middle class, and he will take this fight all the way to the Democratic Convention and to the White House.

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