Focus group judges Romney the winner of Fox News debate

Focus Group: Romney Wins Debate

FRANK LUNTZ: First off, show of hands how many of you walked in here without a committed candidate. Raise your hands. Virtually everybody. How many of you walked in here supporting Mitt Romney raise your hands. How many are going to leave her supporting Mitt Romney? What is it that's overwhelming? What is it with Mitt Romney that he did today?

VOTER: I think he showed his qualities as an individual being a very strong leader, very strong moral background.

VOTER: His statement on pro-life, he came through with conviction where the other candidates did not.

LUNTZ: Who didn't come through with conviction?

VOTER: Huckabee.

LUNTZ: Why not?

VOTER: He waffled on the first question at least three or four times couldn't come forth with a true answer.

LUNTZ: How many thought Huckabee waffled the first response? Did that have an impact on how you felt about him afterwards?

VOTER: Absolutely.

LUNTZ: It's important because people formulate their point of view their opinions even within the first five minutes of the debate. If you make a blunder at the beginning they have a problem with you at the end. Let's continue. Why is it you went for Mitt Romney?

VOTER: Along with some of the other statements that were made he spoke about china as being a competitor. His corporate leadership and experience will also benefit our economy.

VOTER: Romney comes across clearly and concisely. I can see him being a viable opponent against a democratic nominee. I don't see that from Huckabee or one of the other people.