Presidential Candidates Meet Free Staters

Nashua, NH - January 6, 2008 - The final day of the 2008 Liberty Forum started early and featured a presidential debate, sessions on working with the GOP, citizen activism, the constitution, and making the move to New Hampshire. "Moving liberty forward also means meeting face to face with the current and future political leaders of our state and the nation, so we're very happy to have all the candidates at the Forum to share their message with the Free State Project", said Forum organizer Chris Lawless.

The final day of the Forum saw more than 400 attendees, surpassing last year's attendance by a third.

The morning featured a two-hour presidential debate among five Libertarian Party candidates - Daniel Imperato, Michael Jingozian, Alden Link, George Phillies and Wayne Allyn Root. Questions came from the moderators, the audience, and each other and covered a full range of issues. The candidates talked about the conflict in Iraq, taxation, spending, foreign policy, the environment, infrastructure and the promoting the Libertarian message. Candidates talked about why they were the best choice, their own campaign for the nomination, and their plans for the general election should they win the nomination.

The other popular session was a panel made of Free State Project members who have moved to New Hampshire, highlighting the challenges and successes of making the move and getting acclimated to their new home. They fielded questions from the audience of likely movers as well as hearing other advice from natives who offered to help in any way they could.

The keynote speaker for the closing ceremonies was Congressman Ron Paul, who drew a capacity crowd of more than 400 people and dozens of media outlets in the hotel ballroom. He talked about his campaign and thanked the hundreds of volunteers in New Hampshire and those who've come to the state to help the campaign. His speech garnered lots of applause, particularly his message of a sound monetary policy, bringing the troops home, cutting spending and returning the GOP back to its conservative roots. Dr. Paul told the audience that there is no need to give up liberty in order to provide security for America.

The Liberty Forum ran from January 4th through 6th at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua. The Forum featured speakers on a variety of topics ranging from drug policy to immigration to taxes to the morality of liberty. Full details are at