ROMNEY RECORD: Making The Tax Cuts Permanent

Governor Romney Will MakeThe Bush Tax Cuts Permanent. (RomneyFor President, "Strategy For A Stronger America: A Conservative BlueprintFor Lowering Taxes," Press Release, 11/30/07)

· Governor Romney: "It's absolutely critical that we don't have that massive tax hike andinstead we make the Bush tax cuts permanent." (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At The DetroitEconomic Club, Detroit,MI, 2/7/07)

· Columnist Robert Novak: "Romney… Has Surrounded Himself With Architects Of Bush's Tax Plan." (Robert D. Novak,Op-Ed, "Rudy's Missing Dossier,",1/6/07)

· CNBC's Larry Kudlow: "We had Governor Romneyon last night, and he is a forceful advocate of keeping tax rates down, keepingthe Bush taxes in place. He says if you let those things expire, the taxincrease, slow down the economy, maybe lead to a recession." (CNBC's"Kudlow & Company," 2/8/07)

Governor Romney Has AlwaysSupported The Bush Tax Cuts:

Governor Romney Called ThePresident's Tax Relief A "Powerful" Economic Tool. "Like Rhode Island, Massachusettsis heavily Democratic; John Kerry of the Bay Statewill sweep both places in November. I asked Romney how it helps Massachusetts that Bushis president. 'It helps Americato have George Bush as president, and Massachusettsis part of America– still,' he chuckled. He said Bush, using the 'powerful' tool of a taxcut, has worked hard to stimulate the economy." (CharlesBakst, "Mitt Romney To Have His Moment In The GOP Spotlight," The ProvidenceJournal , 8/31/04)

At A 2002 Fundraiser,President Bush Advocated Making The Tax Cuts Permanent Saying "I KnowRomney Feels The Same Way." (PresidentGeorge W. Bush, Remarks At A MassachusettsVictory 2002 Reception, Boston,MA, 10/4/02)

· Mitt Romney: President Bush Knows How To Stop Those Who Want To Raise Taxes. MITT ROMNEY: "We have to make sure that we have that battle cry here today as wellbecause there are some people who would get the bus going back to'Taxachusetts' and this man [President Bush] knows how to stop that kind ofstuff."