Mass Resistance - Romney dreadful on national security and economy. Watch out!

From Massachusetts conservatives to NH Republicans:

If you care about the economy and national security, Gov. Mitt Romney should be a BIG cause for concern.

(From MassResistance, Massachusetts pro-family organization - see contact info below. You have been hearing a lot of carefully crafted campaign propaganda from the Romney campaign over the last several weeks. But the facts are different. Here are three news stories that you should pay close attention to.)

Just a few examples:

1. Romney raised taxes on NH residents working in Massachusetts

To balance our MA budget, – you’re paying us more of your money!

Romney raised taxes on NH commuters
By Deroy Murdock
Manchester Union Leader
Thursday, Jan. 3, 2008

SOON AFTER becoming Massachusetts governor, Willard Mitt Romney retroactively imposed new taxes on non-residents, including Granite State citizens who work, conduct business, and/or invest in the Bay State. Romney's higher taxes reached into New Hampshire and helped vacuum at least $95 million in marginal income back across the border. . .

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2. Romney’s senior counter-terrorism advisor was relieved of his CIA position in 2002 for mistakes and failures leading up to the Sept 11 tragedy.

The CIA’s inspector general recommended at least six times that the former CTC chief (now Romney's senior advisor) and others face an accountability board for financial mismanagement, poor coordination, incoherent leadership and more.

VERY disturbing. Is this the leadership you want from a president?

J. Cofer Black should make voters see red
by Deroy Murdock
Manchester Union Leader
Sunday, Jan. 6, 2008

J. COFER BLACK is GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s chief weapon against Islamo-fascism. The former CIA official chairs Romney’s Counterterrorism Policy Advisory Group. Also, the 9/11 Commission, the Congressional Joint Inquiry on 9/11 and the CIA’s inspector general all condemn him for dropping the ball before Sept. 11, 2001. Black’s spot in Romney’s brain trust raises grave doubts about the former Massachusetts governor’s national-security judgment . . .

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3. Boston Globe analysis: MA economy under Romney among the worst in the country.

“On all key labor market measures, the state not only lagged behind the country as a whole, but often ranked at or near the bottom of the state distribution.”

When you look at the figures, it doesn’t look good.

Romney's economic record
By Andrew Sum and Joseph McLaughlin
Boston Globe, July 29, 2007

AS MITT ROMNEY pursues his bid for the presidency, his record as Massachusetts governor will come under scrutiny, including how the state's economy performed during his administration. Our analysis reveals a weak comparative economic performance of the state over the Romney years, one of the worst in the country . . .

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MassResistance is the major pro-family activist group in Massachusetts. We’ve been fighting for pro-family causes here since the early 1990s. We saw the Romney administration close up (although very few social conservatives were actually involved in it). We’re troubled at recent claims that Romney’s campaign is making about his actual record.

See our Romney Report, published in November 2006.