NH Gore Supporters Endorse John Edwards

Organization Cites Edwards' Realistic, Sensible Solutions to Tackling the Challenge of Global Warming

Littleton, NH -
Today, on the eve of New Hampshire's first in the nation primary, Draft Gore New Hampshire, a statewide group of Granite state voters concerned about the impact of global warming, announced its endorsement of Senator John Edwards.

Draft Gore New Hampshire is encouraging all its members and voters across the state sharing their strong environmental values to vote for Edwards in tomorrow's primary election.

For six months, Draft Gore New Hampshire had been organizing an effort to encourage New Hampshire voters to write in Nobelist Al Gore's name on the primary ballot.

"As an organization, we quickly came to realize that more aggressive national and worldwide leadership is needed to find workable solutions to the critical issues of global warming and climate change," said Farrell Seiler, state coordinator for Draft Gore New Hampshire.

"The planet can no longer afford 'politics as usual' in Washington -where the nuclear and fossil fuel industries dominate energy policy."

The policymaking and legislative process are rigged to benefit large corporations who use their financial and lobbying muscle to exclude programs designed to develop energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, according to the group.

 "We came to the unanimous decision that John Edwards has the courage to bring about fundamental changes in the way decisions are made in Washington," says Seiler

Draft Gore New Hampshire was organized in June 2007 and grew to include more than 2,000 members throughout the state. It is a 100 percent grassroots effort by New Hampshire voters concerned about the impact of global warming on New Hampshire, America, and the world."