SEIU Nevada Endorses Barack Obama

Las Vegas – The Service Employees International Union, Nevada (SEIU) tonight announced endorsing Senator Barack Obama for President. The SEIU Nevada Executive Board voted overwhelmingly in support of the Senator, citing his commitment to solving the issues facing the American people, including protecting workers rights.

“We were looking for a candidate who could take the campaign all the way through November 2008 and reclaim the White House for America’s working families,” said Vicky Hedderman, SEIU Nevada President.

“It is clear from the overwhelming participation in the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary that Americans are ready for change,” continued Shauna Hamel, Executive Vice President of the union. “We believe that Obama is the candidate who can bring the country together and we are proud to support his candidacy.”

With the Democratic presidential nomination still contested, Nevada is the third state to hold their nominating contest. SEIU Nevada is one of the most politically active local unions in the country with nearly two thirds of its 17,500 represented workers registered to vote. SEIU Nevada members live in more than 1,000 precincts across the state from Clark County to Washoe to Elko.

“Nevada is a caucus state, and as Obama showed in Iowa, organization of every precinct is key to winning,” Jane McAlevey, Executive Director added. “SEIU Nevada members from Reno to Elko to Las Vegas are ready to make a difference in this state for our candidate.”

In October, SEIU’s International Executive Board opened the presidential endorsement process up to local unions on a state-by-state basis. So far SEIU locals and state councils in five states have endorsed Obama, including his home state of Illinois, and are free to send their members into Nevada to help campaign in the 11 days leading to the Nevada caucus.