Young Voter PAC - Democrats Win the Youth Vote with Wide Margins

Clinton and Obama Target College and Non-College Young People

NewHampshire—Taking their turn to prove young people vote when targeted,18-29 year olds showed up strong for Democrats in New Hampshire increasing their turnout by at least 19% over 2004. The Young Voter PAC applauds both the Clinton and Obama campaigns for targeting young people. The Clinton campaign targeted young women and young people ages 25-29. Obama’s campaign targeted a broader spectrum of young people of all ages especially college-aged young people. The turnout numbers of young voters reflect the targeted campaigns.

“Those of us in the youth vote community are not surprised by Clinton’s win in NewHampshire,” said Jane Fleming Kleeb, the Young Voter PAC ExecutiveDirector. “Clinton came out of Iowa knowing she needed to target young people and ran an aggressive campaign among non-college young people. The Obama campaign continued their youth vote outreach with a target on college-aged young people. Both college and non-college young people responded for Democrats and will show up strong in Nevada and South Carolina.”

Young people once again voted for Democrats over Republicans. In Iowa, 80% of the young voters voted for Democrats and in New Hampshire 61% of the young voters chose Democrats over Republicans. With young people making up 25% of the electorate this year, they will ensure a Democrat is the next President as long as the campaigns continue to run targeted programs to earn their votes.

Initial New Hampshire Youth Vote Numbers*:

The youth turnout rate rose to 37% in 2008 compared to 18% in 2004 and28% in 2000.

61% of young voters ages 18-29 in New Hampshire chose Democrats over Republicans (raw numbers are Democrats 43,753,Republicans 28,288).

Young people choosing Democrats over Republicans continues the trend we saw in Iowa where 52,580 caucused with Democrats and only 12,650 turned out for Republicans.

Among Democrats, 18-29 year olds outperformed older voters (CNN exit polling):

  • 18-29 year old voters made up 18% of the New Hampshire Democratic primary.
  • 30-39 year olds made up 15%.
  • 65 and older voters made up 13%.

Young people were split between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (CNN exit polling):

  • 18-24 year olds supported Barack Obama (61%) over Hillary Clinton (22%);
  • 25-29 year olds supported Hillary Clinton (37%) over Barack Obama (34%);

*Data and More Information: The Young Voter PAC ( helps Democrats win with the youth vote through strategic advice, ground campaigns, media projects and endorsements. For a youth perspective on the youth vote, visit Future Majority blog ( CIRCLE ( provides data on young voters. All of the statistics come from CIRCLE, a respected source of young voter data unless otherwise noted.