Free State Project - Five years after choosing New Hampshire, the "Free State Project" is Going Strong

A growing membership and growing list of accomplishments highlight fifth anniversary of the vote for NH

America's boldest pro-liberty experiment, the Free State Project, is celebrating the fifth anniversary of selecting New Hampshire to be its home. The Free State Project (FSP) aims to recruit 20,000 pro-liberty activists to move to New Hampshire. Once there, participants agree to "exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of civil government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.

"A lot of people have moved," says Project founder Jason Sorens, "It's really exciting!" 8,700 people have signed up to move once the 20,000 goal is reached and roughly 600 have already moved and currently live across New Hampshire. In fact, more than 1,000 signed a second pledge to move to New Hampshire by the end of 2008.

It was October 1, 2003 when FSP leadership announced the result of a nationwide vote to determine which state would be the "Free State," the destination for the "liberty migration." Ten states competed for five thousand votes, and New Hampshire came in first. She won people's hearts and minds with her high quality of life, lack of sales and income tax, her accessible politics, and her "Live Free or Die" motto. Since then, liberty activists have flowed into the state and made their marks:

* Joel Winters won a seat in the state house in 2006 and many others won their primaries for the 2008 election.

* The NH Liberty Alliance was formed and successfully led the fight against REAL-ID, increased taxes, and government growth.

* NH Common Sense was formed and led a marijuana decriminalization bill through the NH state house.

* The NH Underground has revived civil disobedience against unjust and antiquated laws.

* Ian Bernard and Mark Edge have built a nationally syndicated talk show, Free Talk Live, based in Keene, which is now heard on 40 AM and FM radio stations.

* David Ridley has produced the must-watch RidleyReport, a YouTube news channel covering the people and stories of pro-liberty activism in NH. He's cranked out more than 600 news video reports since late '07.

* Dan and Carol McGuire produced the television program Your State House. Denis Goddard and Lydia Harmon produced the television program Capitol Access.

* Keith Murphy established Murphy's Taproom, a popular pub in Manchester.

* James Dodson established the Liberty Books store in Concord.

* The FSP created the NH Liberty Forum and Porcupine Freedom Festival, popular events in NH and the pro-liberty community around the country.

But more significant than any individual achievement, over the past five years the Free State Project has proven itself to be a sustainable, successful organization with a community that has become part of New Hampshire.