NHGOP Releases Videos Highlighting Shaheen’s Tax Dishonesty

CONCORD, NH – The New Hampshire Republican Party today released the first group in a series of videos that clearly showcase Jeanne Shaheen’s history of misleading Granite Staters about her intentions to raise taxes and her willingness to do and say anything to get elected.

In this challenging economic climate, the last thing New Hampshire families need in Washington is a dishonest politician like Jeanne Shaheen who has repeatedly pledged to hold the line on tax es during election years, and then proceeded to raise them after taking office.

The videos, taken from footage that originally aired in 1996 during Shaheen’s first run for Governor, clearly demonstrate the lies and mistruths that Jeanne Shaheen peddled during her initial run for statewide office. In her campaign ads, interviews and debates, Shaheen repeatedly assured Granite Staters that she would hold the line on taxes and veto a sales or income tax.

But , Jeanne Shaheen’s pledge would turn out to be nothing more than empty election year rhetoric. In February of 1999 , she reneged on her promise and signed legislation that implemented the first statewide property tax. She would continue to double-cross New Hampshire families by not only supporting, but proposing, a 4.5% capital gains tax and 2.5% sales tax that would have devastated the state’s economy. After her sales and capital gains tax proposals failed, she even indicated that she would support an income tax.

In 2008, Jeanne Shaheen is attempting to conceal her failed record and dishonest pledges by recycling the same lies and mistruths about her position on taxes. On the campaign trail she is trying to convince voters that she will lower taxes for the middle class - despite her numerous attempts to punish working families with higher taxes.

She has tried to take credit for New Hampshire’s low tax burden – even though the only reason it has remained low is because her numerous proposals to raise taxes failed. Shaheen has even made the audacious claim that she has always been a “supporter of the business climate and an opponent of taxes,” (BIA Debate, 10/6/08) despite her frequent and repeated attempts to hike taxes.

“I was there in 1996 when Jeanne Shaheen looked New Hampshire voters in the eye and promised us we wouldn’t have a sales tax so long as she was governor. But then she introduced her own 2.5 percent sales tax plan, breaking her solemn word. Given how casually Shaheen walked away from this most sacred of all New Hampshire political pledges, how can we trust what she says on taxes today?” said Fergus Cullen, chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.



Jeanne Shaheen discusses her pledge to veto broad based taxes in a 1996 interview. She would later sign the first statewide property tax, propose a capital gains and sales tax and indicate support for an income tax.

VIDEO LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtQCgvRD8dA

SHAHEEN: “Well I have never supported a sales or an income tax so it wasn’t a different position than the one that I always had. And I think the difficulty is the one that the participants mentioned earlier. We all probably agree that the tax structure is frustrating and that it’s not equitable maybe that our property taxes are too high – I certainly feel that way when I go to pay mine. But the problem is that the distrust that people have of government and if I say to people that we are going to pass a sales or income tax and we are going to take that to Concord, nobody believes that we are going to see a reduction in the property taxes as a result and that’s where the real problem is.”


In a 1996 campaign ad, Jeanne Shaheen lies to Granite Starters about her stopping a sales or a income tax. Not only would she go on to indicate support for an income tax, she would actually propose a 2.5% sales tax that would have devastated New Hampshire’s economy.

VIDEO LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UdGFNtb5sg

SHAHEEN: “There is a lot about New Hampshire that’s special. A governor’s got to know what to preserve and what to change. We have the nation’s highest electric rates – that’s one thing I am definitely going to change. Some of the highest health insurance rates – they’ve got to be lowered too. But one thing that helps us attract good paying jobs we need is our tax system. So let me be clear. I will veto any sales or income tax. I have never voted for one, and as long as I’m governor, we won’t have one.”


Jeanne Shaheen lies to New Hampshire voters about vetoing taxes during a 1996 gubernatorial debate broadcast statewide on WMUR.

VIDEO LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WM0aSiqZ1o

SHAHEEN: “I’ve pledged to veto a sales or income tax. I’ve never supported a sales or income tax. I have never voted for one in the state senate, and as your governor we won’t have one.”