Political Chowder - Sunday at 11: Chuck Douglas, Jackie Cilley, Marcus Hurn, Jim Demers

The Week in Rewind:

Palin is coming! Palin is coming!

Michelle was here! Michelle was here!

Nailing jello to a deterioriating financial wall (street)

McCain - Obama Debate, The town meeting from hell

When bad goes to worse...the NH Retirement System

Looking for cash...what's a state to do?

Health Care Reform or Deform?

All this and more, Sunday @ 11a.m. on Political Chowder

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Part One - Week in Rewind
Former Supreme Court and Congressman Chuck Douglas
NH Senator Jackie Cilley
Pierce Law Professor Marcus Hurn
Part Two - Fixing Health Care - Presidential Style

Jim Demers (Obama Campaign)
Chuck Douglas (McCain Campaign)

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