Bradley For Congress (CD-1) - Shea-Porter Says 12% Congressional Approval Rating " Doesn't Apply To Me"

Despite thinking Democrats are “100% right”

Manchester, NH – 1st Congressional District Candidates Jeb Bradley and incumbent Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter joined together for the first debate of the 2008 general election today in an event sponsored by AARP. While Jeb Bradley focused on efforts and ideas to reduce taxes, stimulate the economy, improve veteran’s health care, create a comprehensive energy plan and restore public trust in our government, Carol Shea-Porter towed the party line, defending her five week summer vacation, and 100% support for Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and Charlie Rangel.

“Congresswoman Shea-Porter claims she found a mess when she went to Washington and worked to clean it up. So, what has she done? The economy is in shambles, consumer confidence is almost non-existent, the only energy plan she’s voted for is one to drill where there is no oil,” says Bradley spokesman Alicia Preston.

Today Carol Shea-Porter addressed the 12% approval rating in Congress-the lowest in history, by saying that it “doesn’t apply to me.” “ To say the approval rating of Congress somehow doesn’t apply to her with a voting record lock-step with Pelosi 100% of the time is not exactly a profile in courage,” Preston said. “During today’s debate she spent a remarkable time focused on defending herself against the vacation she was the deciding vote for in Congress. It brought to mind that old saying “the lady doth protest too much.”

Carol Shea-Porter, trying to defend her “work ethic” in this Congress, claims she works 7 days a week, and that she had 25 events with middle class citizens during her summer vacation. “First of all, if she’s working seven days, and in session five, I’d like to see her time sheet, because that is simply not true. As for her district events for the middle class citizens: she drops in for five minutes and exits stage left before she can take the questions. It’s like Jay Leno giving the opening monologue and then leaving the show.”

Her other repeated and failed claim during the debate was to tie Jeb Bradley to George W. Bush. What Congresswoman Shea-Porter has failed to realize, is that she’s not running against Bush. “I’m sure Congresswoman Shea-Porter would rather be running against Bush, but she isn’t. Jeb Bradley has a strong record of voting in favor of the people of New Hampshire, not the party in Washington, and Carol can’t say the same thing. When it came to energy, environment, veteran’s healthcare, stem cell research, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, social security privatization or illegal immigration, Jeb broke with the Administration and voted for those he represents,” noted Preston. “He will do the same against McCain or Obama when he feels it appropriate.”

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter admitted to receiving lobbyist money, after running a television ad that claimed otherwise. “She has taken money from lobbyists, millions from big labor and DC special interests. Now that she has been forced to return the lobbyist money, it would be nice to see her do the same with the tainted cash she received from ethically challenged New York Congressman Charlie Rangel,” Preston said.

In contrast to Carol Shea-Porter’s partisan bashing and solution-less discussions of the state of the economy and energy , Jeb Bradley stayed true to himself and his fellow citizens.

"Jeb did a fantastic job. He had a clear understanding not just of the issues, but of how they affect people in New Hampshire. Congresswoman Shea-Porter did a great Nancy Pelosi impression...but, that doesn't help anyone but her Washington colleagues.”

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