Obama/Biden Campaign - Republican For Obama Reaches Out To Undecided Granite State Voters

MANCHESTER— With 25 days to go until Election Day, the New Hampshire Obama campaign reached out to voters this morning with an email and web video from former Republican John Hutson encouraging each recipient to share Hutson’s story of support for Sen. Obama with five undecided Granite State voters.

In a web video accompanied by an email sent today to thousands of voters, John Hutson, a co-chair of Former McCain Supporters for Obama and a member of New Hampshire Veterans for Obama, tells why he, as a former Republican, decided to support Sen. Barack Obama and is urging other Granite Staters to do the same.

“The Republican party I once knew is long gone -- replaced by John McCain’s negative campaign and Karl Rove smear tactics, and the failed politics of fear that John McCain decried in the 2000 Republican primary,” Hutson notes in the email . “New Hampshire has always led the way in bringing change to America -- by supporting leaders who show good judgment and independent thinking. In this election, Barack Obama is that leader. Let's lead the way again.”

In his email, Hutson implores Granite State Obama supporters to share his video and help him change the minds of five voters who remain uncommitted to a presidential candidate.

“I think that America desperately needs somebody who will be cohesive. We have been divided too long, the issues that we face are too grave, and we can’t make those kinds of tough decisions unless we’re all working together,” Hutson notes in the video. “After watching for these many months now, I’ve decided that Sen. Barack Obama is the one person that is able to lead the United States in a direction that I think we desperately need to go.”

Hutson, a supporter of Sen. McCain in 2000, and a registered Republican until October 2007, changed his party affiliation to vote for Sen. Obama in the primary. At the Democratic National Convention in August, Dean Hutson addressed the Democratic National Convention regarding his decision to leave the Republican Party and support Sen. Obama. Hutson is currently Dean and President of the Franklin Pierce Law Center, and served in the United States Navy from 1972-2000, obtaining the rank of Rear Admiral and assuming duties as the Judge Advocate General in May 1997.

Click here to watch John Hutson’s video.