Newsmax - Help Retire John Murtha -- Stand with Haditha Marines

Dear friend,

No matter how proud their tradition, every military organization has its embarrassments. The US Marine Corps has John Murtha -– currently a Democrat Congressman from Pennsylvania.

For 34 years he served in Congress with relative obscurity.

But on 17 May 2006 John Murtha went on national television and boldly stated that eight of our Marines in Iraq “...killed innocent civilians in cold blood.”

John Murtha rushed in front of the cameras before ANY evidence had been presented.

Taking it a step further, John Murtha even insisted that anyone who said differently, up to and including General Peter Pace, was a liar.

From that moment, the liberal media fell in love with John Murtha. Now they run to him and eagerly repeat his defeatist message in their newspapers and on their 24-hour cable news channels.

But facts are stubborn things.

Seven of the eight Marines he accused of murder have been cleared of all charges.

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The final Marine awaits his day in court, and he has been informed that his case has been postponed indefinitely, or at least until after the election (perhaps to avoid embarrassing John Murtha even further...)

But politics can bring its own brand of justice .

My friend, as the Chairman of the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition which is compromised of over 80 veterans groups representing over 250,000 veterans...

...I am asking you to help me retire John Murtha this November.

Before retiring on 31 July of this year, Lt. Col. William Russell (USAR ret.) served his country in uniform for 28 years, including 6 tours hostile fire zones, including Operation Desert Storm, Kosovo, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Today he is taking on John Murtha in both a bold and aggressive way.

More than most, William Russell has seen firsthand the damage John Murtha has done. He understands that no politician in America has done more to undermine our brave men and women in uniform.

In the days ahead John Murtha is hoping that he’ll be able to cover up all the damage he’s done so that he can cling to power...

...But William Russell’s job is to hang John Murtha’s words and horrific voting record around his neck and make sure he can never hide from the truth!

This is where your help come in.

Please click here and help William Russell out today. I’m asking in the most forceful way I know how. We have a golden opportunity here.

William Russell is on the cusp of victory, but to finish the job, he needs your help. I am counting on you. To learn more, you can visit his web site, .

And never forget, as the Chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee...

...John Murtha is the “front man” in Congress for the radical and countless other defeat-at-all-cost Political Action Committees (PACs).

If William Russell is going to have the political ammo to overcome this, he needs the help of conservative Americans just like you. Please don’t delay.

My friend, the best way to ensure that the Haditha Marines get their full measure of justice -- is to defeat John Murtha.

Please act today. And please be as generous as you can.


John J. Molloy

P.S. If we are going to defeat John Murtha 51 days from now, you are going to have to help. So please click below and help William Russell with your most generous gift today.