Obama/Biden Campaign - NH Women Come Together To Present Declaration of Support For Sen Obama

Prominent New Hampshire Republican Legislator Will Announce Support For Obama

Manchester, New Hampshire-- This Thursday, Democratic, Independent and Republican New Hampshire women, led by elected officials and community leaders from across the state, will come together in Concord to present a declaration of shared values that outlines why they believe Senator Obama can bring about the change Granite Staters need.

At Thursday’s press conference, a prominent New Hampshire Republican legislator will be announcing her support for Senator Obama.


New Hampshire Women Present Declaration of Support for Senator Obama

Senate President, Sylvia Larsen
House Speaker, Terie Norelli

Dr. Susan Lynch
Peggo Hodes
Jennifer Wierwille Norton
Terry Sturke
Laura Simoes
Janice Fleming

AnnMarie Morse


Legislative Office Building

33 N. State St. Concord, NH


12:00 P.M