Sununu For US Senate - Shaheen's Top Debate Distortions

Jeanne Shaheen Claimed She Wants To Increase Domestic Oil Production:

· “I think we have got to increase domestic production of oil. I’ve said that.” (Debate, 10 /1/08)

BUT, She Has Consistently Opposed Expanded Domestic Oil Production:

· Nashua Telegraph: “Sununu has voted to drill for oil in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge and lift the ban on offshore drilling. Shaheen opposes both.” (6/26/2008)

Jeanne Shaheen Claimed To Support Tax Cuts For The Middle Class:

· Shaheen: “ I support tax cuts. I think we need to provide tax cuts for the middle class, because it’s the middle class that’s really hurting these days. ” (Debate, 10/1/08)

BUT, As Governor She Raised Taxes On The Middle Class:

· Foster’s Daily Democrat: “Shaheen was elected governor in 1996 and again in 1998 on a platform that promised no broad-based income or sales tax and no statewide property tax. Once sworn in for a second time, she did a backflip that might have won her an Olympic medal. She hardly had time to lower her hand from taking the oath when she put the statewide property tax into play – the same statewide property tax that is an ingredient in why homeowners throughout the state are shouting for property tax relief .” (9/28/08)

Jeanne Shaheen Claimed That She Kept New Hampshire’s Tax Burden The Lowest In The Country:

· Shaheen: “We kept New Hampshire’s tax burden the lowest in the country.” (Debate, 10/1/08)

BUT, She Actually Signed The First Statewide Property Tax, Proposed A Sales Tax And A Capital Gains Tax And Vetoed A Repeal Of New Hampshire’s Death Tax:

· Union Leader: “Gov. Jeanne Shaheen proposed a tax reform package to fund education yesterday that includes a new 2.5 percent sales tax…” (Union Leader, 2/8/01)

· Union Leader : “Gov. Jeanne Shaheen said yesterday a 4.5 percent capital gains tax will raise enough money to solve the school funding crisis..” (Union Leader, 11/20/99)

· Associated Press: “Shaheen vetoed a bill repealing the inheritance tax last year.” (Associated Press, 4/6/01)

Jeanne Shaheen Claimed She Helped Small Businesses As Governor:

· Shaheen: “I want to get our economy working again, for middle class families and small businesses. It’s what I did as Governor.” (Debate, 10/1 / 08)

BUT, As Governor She Proposed A 4.5% Capital Gains Tax And A 2.5% Sales Tax That Would Have Devastated New Hampshire’s Economy .

Jeanne Shaheen Claimed That She Was A Leader On Education:

· Shaheen: “I am proud of having tackled [the education funding crisis] when previous governors had not done that.” (Debate, 10/1 / 08)

BUT, As Governor She Failed To Solve The Education Funding Crisis:

· Union Leader : “Shaheen has had six years to resolve the education funding mess. She has failed , miserably.” (10/16/02)

Jeanne Shaheen Claimed She Doesn’t Want To Increase Taxes On Oil Companies:

· Moderator: “So to be specific you would increase taxes or find a what to get part of the thirty or so billion dollars a quarter that oil companies are generating in profits and utilize that for…”

· Shaheen: “No, that’s not what I have said.” (Debate, 10/1/08)

BUT, She Supports A Windfall Profits Tax On Oil Producers:

· Shaheen supported legislation that would have recycle the failed economic policies of the 1970s and imposed a windfall profits tax . (Shaheen Release, 6/10/08)

Jeanne Shaheen Criticized Senator Sununu For “Supporting The Bush Economic Policy”:

· Shaheen: “He voted for every … Bush economic policy.” (Debate, 10/1/08)

BUT, She Supported The Bush Economic Policy In 2002:

· Shaheen: “One is on the Bush tax cut, where I said that I would have voted for the Bush tax cut had I been in the Senate.” (Associated Press, 10/26/02)

Jeanne Shaheen Is Trying To Run Away From Her Previous Position On The The Iraq War:

· Shaheen: “I believe it’s time now to bring our troops home from Iraq.” (Debate, 10/1/08)

BUT , In 2002 She Was An Early Supporter Of The Iraq War:

· Shaheen: “I came out very early in support of the president on Iraq and I came out very early the day the White House and the House leadership negotiated the resolution on Iraq.” (Associated Press, 10/25/02)

Shaheen Said She Thinks Nuclear Power Should Be “Part Of The Mix”:

· Shaheen: “For nuclear power, of course nuclear power is going to be part of our energy mix. That is just a fact.” (Debate, 10/1/08)

BUT, She Has A History Of Opposing Nuclear Power:

· Former Governor Steve Merrill: “Not only does [Jeanne Shaheen] have a record of supporting broadbased taxes and bigger government, but this is the same Senator Shaheen who worked hard to delay the construction of the Seabrook nuclear plant, which in turn resulted in the high utility rates we are experiencing today,” (Union Leader, 10/13/1995)

Shaheen Claimed That Senator Sununu Opposes Renewable Energy:

· Shaheen: “[John Sununu’s] not willing to talk about other alternative energies that he would support.” (Debate, 10/1/08)

BUT, Senator Sununu Has Consistently Supported Renewable Energy:

· Sununu was a co-sponsored of the Clean Energy Tax Stimulus Act that extends clean energy production tax credits and incentives to improve the energy efficiency of new and existing homes, businesses, and appliances. He also supported the Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008 which included his provision to provide a 10 percent tax credit for the purchase of energy-efficient wood pellet stoves.