Obama/Biden Campaign - Maxine Morse and Other Former McCain Supporters and Obama Campaign Respond to McCain's Dishonorable, False Robo Calls in New Hampshire

Granite Staters Call on McCain to Stop False, Negative Smears and Focus on the Economic Issues Facing New Hampshire Families; Residents Can Report Negative Calls to www.fightthesmears.com/report


MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE- The day after the last presidential debate, John McCain and the Republican party launched robo calls and paid live calls in New Hampshire and a number of other targeted states making false claims about Sen. Obama.The Obama campaign urges Granite Staters to report negative calls to www.fightthesmears.com/report. In 2000, then-candidate George Bush launched a series of similar calls against John McCain. In 2000, John McCain called the robo calls, "hate calls" and complained about being "inundated" by them. Earlier this month, however, top McCain adviser Greg Strimple, said the campaign was "looking forward to turning a page on this financial crisis" by attacking Obama's "aggressively liberal record". A recent Ken Goldstein and Wisconsin Advertising Project study found that nearly 100% of the McCain ads running in targeted states are negative attacks against the Obama-Biden ticket.


"As a former supporter and active volunteer of John McCain's in 2000, I have to say I'm disappointed to get these calls from his campaign," said Maxine Morse of Rye, New Hampshire. "The man I supported would have never conducted his campaign this way as he always took the high road. This is such a switch from the McCain I knew and is one of the many reasons I'm supporting Barack Obama for president."


"I voted for McCain in 2000 because I felt he was a moderate Republican. But the McCain of 2008 has driven me away with his negative campaigning," said Carolyn Whitlock of Merrimack, New Hampshire. "These automated phone calls being made to people in New Hampshire, spreading blatant lies about Senator Obama, are just another dirty political strategy at the lowest level. Campaigning like this insults the intelligence of thoughtful New Hampshire voters."


"In a desperate attempt to slow down Obama's momentum in New Hampshire, the McCain campaign is robo-calling voters across New Hampshire with dishonest attacks to try to distract Granite Staters from McCain's support for the Bush economic policies that have left working families behind. Many in the Granite State are disappointed that John McCain would use the same dishonorable Bush campaign tactics he spoke out against in 2000- proving once again that he is not the candidate he was eight years ago. We encourage Senator McCain to join Barack Obama in focusing on the issues facing hardworking New Hampshire families," said New Hampshire Communications Director, Sandra Abrevaya


To report a robo call and help the campaign respond to these desperate attacks faster please visit www.fightthesmears.com/report.


To listen to the robo call, click HERE.