Sununu For US Senate - Eagle Times Endorses Sununu

Re-Elect Senator Sununu

The Eagle Times


October 17, 2008

A steady hand and a known quantity, youth and vision for the future. These are four qualities voters look for, and they are spilt up amongst two presidential candidates, and two vice presidential nominees.

Luckily for New Hampshire, those attributes are emboldened in one candidate.

Senator John Sununu is the youngest member of the United States Senate, yet in his six years representing New Hampshire in Washington as a senator, he has accomplished much.

In a year when much scrutiny is being given to earmarks and wasteful government spending, Sununu has been in line with Seantor McCain in calling for an end to wasteful spending. He cosponsored Senator McCain's "Pork-Barrel Reduction Act" during the 109th Congress.

To further bolster his reputation as a senator opposed to pork barrel spending, Sununu was recently endorsed by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW). CCAGW has called Sununu a "Taxpayer Hero," because of his efforts to eliminate wasteful spending.

Sununu has proven that he is above party politics and partisan bickering, and has called for bills and measures that do not benefit one party over the other, rather benefiting the citizens of New Hampshire.

When it comes to Veterans affairs, Sununu has proven time and again that he is a soldier's best friend. He helped open a VA veterans center in Berlin, and provided housing grants to provide homeless and disabled veterans with rental vouchers.

Sununu also sponsored the bill in congress that put a moratorium on internet taxes. Sununu recognized that lower taxes lead to increased revenue, and that most small businesses rely heavily on the internet to survive.

Sununu has been instrumental in helping small businesses flourish in New Hampshire, by keeping taxes low, and working on a system that would allow companies to write-off business expenses quickly.

In a time when the economic outlook of the country is looking more and more grim, the only thing that could make the situation turn from grim to dire would be higher taxes. Sununu's opponent was a champion of raising taxes, while Sununu has repeatedly lowered them.

Lower taxes help stimulate growth by providing new jobs, which would allow New Hampshire to pull out of the financial crisis sooner.

So this election, New Hampshire should stick with a steady hand and a known quantity, youth and vision for the future. New Hampshire should stick with Sununu.