Granite State Progress - Report Reveals Jeb Bradley Participated in White House Political Scandal

Bradley used taxpayer funds for re-election campaign


Concord - A report released by the House Committee on Government and Oversight Reform shows that former Rep. Jeb Bradley directly benefited from the improper and unethical use of taxpayer money to support his 2006 re-election bid.


The House Committee on Oversight has documented that senior Bush political aides used federal funds to support the re-election campaign of former Rep. Bradley by scheduling federal officials to visit NH ‘s 1st Congressional District for campaign events disguised as official business. White House communication records show that the trips were specifically intended to help Bradley win re-election - the very definition of political activity.


The report shows that former Rep. Bradley was prepared to accept taxpayer-financed help for his 2006 campaign on five separate occasions. Some of the events were later retracted - although it is unclear by whom and could have been the agency's decision. The events were:


1) 5/26/06 - Visit by U.S. DHHS Secretary Leavitt [Retracted]

2) 8/4/06 - Visit by US Department of Commerce Secretary Gutierrez [Retracted]

3) 10/6/06 - Visit by SBA Administrator Preston [Completed]

4) TBD October - Visit by Housing Secretary Jackson [Retracted]

5) TBD October - Visit by National Drug Control Policy Director Walters [Retracted]


The October 6, 2006 visit by SBA Administrator Preston included an "Official" Jobs Day Event with Bradley, as well as a "Political" Small Business event. Both were held in Manchester.


"Jeb Bradley's abuse of taxpayer funds is clearly unethical - and possibly illegal," said Zandra Rice Hawkins, director of Granite State Progress. "Bradley has displayed an arrogant disregard for taxpayers with his self-serving priorities. There is no doubt that Jeb should be known as Bush League Bradley for his continued embrace of the type of politics that have characterized the Bush Administration.


"This new report only adds to his record of allowing oil companies to continue price gouging and voting no on the re-importation of prescription drugs to lower costs for seniors. Bush League Bradley has stood for special interests, not New Hampshire voters."


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